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At Hearlink we are able to carry out objective electrophysiological evaluations of the auditory system as well as subjective (age appropriate) behavioral audiometric testing.

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Auditory Function Tests

Auditory Function Tests

Air Conduction Audiometry (A/C) – measurement of hearing sensitivity to pure tones, usually in the range of 250Hz – 8K Hz.

How We Hear

With our hearing we perceive background sounds, such as traffic noise, or more relevant sounds such as the ringing of an alarm clock.

Hearing Loss Types

In most cases, Conductive Hearing Loss can be treated medically (usually through the use of prescriptive medications or surgery).

Hearing Loss Degrees

Hearing loss expresses in difficulty hearing soft speech and some soft conversations. Difficulty is worsened in the presence of any background.

Auditory Function Tests

Nature Gave Us Two Ears for a Reason

Hearing with two ears is called “Binaural Hearing”. Because we have two ears, we are more effectively able to process sound and understand speech. Without such processing, our brain receives an incomplete sound picture. Imagine for a moment that you have to tie a knot with only one hand. You can still tie a knot, using your body as a support, but it is not as effective as having both of your hands to perform this function. The fact is, most people function better with both hands, and hear better with both ears.